Published some 50 books - the first in 1969 and the latest in 2001. Most of them have been on Estonian and/or Baltic subjects.

Several have been translated - but just the Baltic book (nr 6 below) and the book on Bruce Olson (nr 12) into English. Other books have been translated into Finnish, Norwegian, Icelandic, German, Polish, Lithuanian, Latvian, Russian, Japanese and Korean.

  1. Latinamerika - reform eller stagnation? ("Latin America - reform or stagnation?"), 1969. Written after a summer job at the Swedish shipline Saléns, where my task was to chart the courses of the banana boats from Central America to Europe and Japan. It awakened my interest to go to the tropics and to prepare myself I read a lot of literature in different languages. I found that there was nothing recent in Swedish of real value - mostly rubbish that had been published partly because the title contained the then popular word "revolution" (the title of my book was an implicit critique of this "revolutionary romanticism").
  2. My first book

    Since there was no good book in Swedish, together with some Liberal friends we decided to write it ourselves - but of the "ten little niggers" one after anoter fell aside and I had to take over chapter after chapter until I had written the whole book myself. In retrospect, that was probably the best possible beginning of my career as a writer - would I have dared to start a full book project on my own?

  3. Samemakt? ("Lapp power?";ed.), 1970. Anthology on Lapp (=Sami) problems.
  4. Jordens förtryckta - etniska minoriteter i världen ("Oppressed of the earth - ethnic minorities of the world"; with Olof G.Tandberg, International Secretary of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences), 1970
  5. Estland - en studie i imperialism, ("Estonia - a study of imperialism"), 1971. Irritated many Swedish leftists, but in retrospect even I was a bit too "soft on (Soviet) socialism".
  6. Bangladesh - ett asiatiskt dilemma, ("Bangladesh - an Asian dilemma"), 1971
  7. Vad händer i Baltikum?, ("What happens in the Baltic States?"), 1973.
  8. Kontinent i obalans. Latinamerikanska perspektiv ("Unbalanced Continent. Latin Amercian perspectives"; ed. with Swedish Liberal and later banker and Ambassador David Wirmark), 1973
  9. Minoriteter i Sverige, ("Minorities of Sweden"), 1973. Short version for primary schools.
  10. Sverige, Sverige, fosterland!, ("Sweden, Sweden native land!"), 1974. Personal on Swedish immigration and minority policies.
  11. Att så socialism och skörda fascism. Fallet Chile, ("To sow Socialism and reap Fascism. The Case of Chile"),1974. My most critizised book, but still written in a soft style with the same Liberal perspectives as my books on the Baltic States.
  12. Förlovat och förlorat land. Reportage från Palestina, ("Blessed and Lost Land. Report from from Palestine"), 1974
  13. Det moderna Island, ("Modern Iceland"), 1975. Published by the Foreign Policy Association of Sweden.
  14. Bruce! Driven av kärlek eller…?("Bruce! Driven by Love or...?"), 1976. Almost a suspense story as well as a edifying book. About a Scandinavian-American missionary in the Amazonas that was branded as a "cultural murderer" and even "murderer" by a leading Swedish anthropologist, but who turned out to be an exemplary humanitarian. The halo effect made also me very popular among Christians in Sweden - but I wonder if my "Christian career" would ever have got going if I would have found (and then of course written) that Bruce was a murderer...?
  15. Bruce (Olson) among the Motilones of AmazoniaMy book on Bruce was published by Christian Herald (1981; translator Fredric Love; preface by Don Richardson, author of "Peace Child" etc). Bruce Olson´s own book is "For This Cross I´ll Kill You" (Creation House, Carol Stream, Illinois, 1973)

  16. Så fungerar Sverige! ("Thus functions Swedeni", drawings by Lennart Frantzén), 1976. My biggest circulation, over 100 000 copies, which is much for Sweden - the publisher was one of the leading book clubs. Popular book on how Swedish authorities and insitutions work.
  17. Boliviafararna, ("They went to Bolivia"),1977. Swedish pentecostalist as missionaries in Chaco and elsewhere in Bolivia.
  18. Det tredje Israel, ("Third Iisrael"), 1977. Report "on all the others" in the Holy Land - those who are not ordinary Mosaic Jews nor Moslem Arabs but Nature Karta, falashim, Black Hebrews, Caraites, Samaritans, Druse, Ahmadiya, Circassians, Bahai and Christians of different denominationsEthiopian Orthodox Arch Bishop on roof of Tomb ChurchArch Bishop of the Ethiopian Orthodox on the roof of the Tomb Church during Easter celebration in Jerusalem.
  19. Vad händer i Finland?, ("What happens in Finland?", 1977. On "Finlandization", sharply critizised by the then supporters of President Kekkonen and the official line, but again, seen in retrospect, a rather mild and nuanced critique."
  20. Fallet Engström-Sareld, ("The E-S Case"), 1978. About two Swedish Pentecostals who were imprisoned in the Soviet Union for trying to smuggle in Bibles and smuggle out documentation on the discrimination of Christian believers. Is this translated into Japanese or Korean?Is this the translation into Japanese or Korean?
  21. Astrid! Marseilles ängel, ("Astrid. The Angel of Marseille"), 1978. Another Swedish Pentecostal, working as a social missionary in France.
  22. En dröm om frihet! Om passivt motstånd i dagens Baltikum, ("A Dream of Freedom. On  Passive Resistance in the Baltic States of today"), 1978.
  23. A Dream of Freedom

    English edition by Boreas publishing House in Cardiff, Wales, 1980. The English edition was subtitled "Four decades of national survival versus Russian imperialism in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania 1940-80".

  24. Fallet Agapov, ("The Case of Agapov"), 1978.Russian sailor who defected in Sweden and even sent a small aeroplane to try to smuggle his family out of Russia.
  25. TV-folk, ("TV people"), 1978. Based on many years of weekly interviews with TV colleagues in the most popular Swedish weekly.
  26. Lång väg till frihet, ("Long Road to Freedom"), 1979. About Latvian Lutheran pastor Hugo Maksimilians Grivansist, who after 16 camp years in Siberia went via Latviato Sweden - where his wife and two young sons had waited for 33 years...
  27. Kristna martyrer i öst och väst, ("Christian Martyrs in East and West"), 1979. Thirty contemporary cases.
  28. Protest från Baltikum ("Protest from the Baltic States; ed.), 1979. Published by a (pro-Chinese Communist) publishing house.
  29. Frihalsad. 25 år med Erik Edin och LP-stiftelsen, ("Free. 25 years with Erik Edin and the LP foundation"), 1980. On a Pentecostal foundation that has managed to save many heavy drinkers and narcotics that state institutions have failed with; LP refers to Lewi Pethrus, long-time leader of Swedish Pentecostals.Please see also nr 40.
  30. Don Gustavo och bläckfisken som åt bananer, ("Don Gustavo and the Octopus that was eating Bananas", 1980. On Central America, that during the 1970´s I visited at least once a year as a journalist and where I was more or less miraculously saved during several incidents.
  31. Baltikum, 1980. Published by Foreign Policy Association of Sweden
  32. Dessa mina minsta. En bok om Britta Holmström och IM, ("These my smallest. A Book on BH and IM"), 1982. About Christian humanitarianism around the globe; the organization IM was founded after the Second World War to help rebuild people in wpost-war Europe but later spread its activities also to other continents
  33. Sådan är socialismen, ("Such is Socialism"), 1982. Polemics on real-life Socialist states around the world.
  34. Paulus (drawings by Lennart Frantzén), 1982. Childrens book.
  35. Petrus (drawings by Lennart Frantzén), 1982. Childrens book.
  36. Vem bestämmer?, ("Who Decides"), 1982. Political science for primary school.
  37. Vindens barn. Om medlöperi förr och nu, ("Children of the winds.On fellow-travelling yesterday and today"), 1983. Richly documented on how the greatest minds of world culture have often supported or condoned the worst of dictatorships, from Stalin´s Soviet Union to Hitler´s millennial Germany, from Mao´s China to Fidel Castro´s Cuba.
  38. Vingar över Amazonas, ("Wings over Amazonas"), 1984. Swedish missionary flier Roland Silén, working for Wycliffe Bible translators and others, and Indian tribes in the Andes and Amazonas.
  39. Låt Pysslingen leva, ("Let the Small ones live"; ed), 1984. Polemics on the discrimination against private day-care homes in Sweden.
  40. Hoppets öar. Med Wiktor Norin i världen, ("Islands of Hope. With WN in the World"), 1985. Another report on a Swedish Christian and his humanitarian work around the globe.
  41. Raoul Wallenberg.Igår, idag, ("RW. Today, yesterday"), 1985. Short biography about Swedish diplomat who saved Hungarian Jews during World War II.
  42. Huvudjägarna i Himalayas skugga, ("Head-hunters in the Himalayas"), 1985. Photo book edited with my family.
  43. Medborgarboken ("Citizen´s Book"; with Sven Holmstrand), 1986. Political science for upper primary school.
  44. Lag i olag, ("Laws with problems"), 1988. Polemics on the rights and duties of small enterprises.
  45. Visst finns det hopp, ("And yet there is Hope"), 1989. Second book on Erik Edin and the LP foundation.
  46. Estland vaknar, ("Estonia awakens"), 1989. Interviews, report and debate having revisited Estonia after 18 years - meanwhile banned by the KGB.
  47. Handbok för rätt, ("Handbook for Your rights"), 1989. Practical advice on citizens´ rights.
  48. Tallinn - en personlig vägvisare, ("Tallinn - a personal guide"), 1990. Travel guide with colour photos by Gustav German.
  49. I svenska fotspår. Människor och miljöer i Estlands svenskbygder, ("In Swedish traces. People and Environments in old Swedish territory of Estonia"), 1990.
  50. Estland - en personlig vägvisare, ("Estonia - a personal guide"), 1990. Travel guide with colour photos by Gustav German.
  51. Baltikum. Boken om Estland, Lettland och Litauen, ("Baltic States The Book on Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania"), 1991. Richly illustrated handbook. First book to leader of EstoniaPrefaces by the three Baltic top leaders of the time: above Arnold Rüütel of Estonia and below Anatolijs Gorbunovs of Latvia and Lithuanian President Vytautas Landsbergis. I had the pleasure of good cooperation with all three of them during the years of the "Singing Revolution" and translated some of their articles. Anatolijs Gorbunovs gets his well as Lithuania´s  president Vytautas Landsbergis.

  53. Sverige och Estland. Äntligen goda grannar?, ("Sweden and Estonia. Finally Good Neighbours?"), 1991. Semi-academic study of relations through the centuries; text book for universities.
  54. Riga - en personlig vägvisare ("Riga - a personal guide", with Argita Daudze), 1992. Travel guide with colour photos by Leons Balodis.
  55. Vilnius - en personlig vägvisare, ("Vilnius - a personal guide"), 1992. Travel guide with colour photos by Antanas Sutkus.
  56. Travel book on Estonia.....Tallinn

    ...Riga...and Vilnius

  57. Synvändan ("The Eye-Opener"), 1997. Biography about a Swedish environmentalist and food chain owner.
  58. Kommunismen och Baltikum, ("Communism and the Baltic States"), 1999. Booklet on Communist crimes against humanity in the Baltic States, written for an international seminar in the Swedish Parliament with President Lennart Meri of Estonia, Conservatice leader Carl Bildt and main editor of the Black Book of Communism, Stéphane Courtois.
  59. Helig dåre (Holy madman), 2001. On the remarkably succesful treatment of alcoholics and drug addicts by Swedish Pentecostal Erik Edin and his collaborators.